There are many ways for your company to work with Archway to help make a huge difference to the lives of children and adults with learning disabilities.

Archway welcomes many forms of corporate support.

There are many benefits for your company by supporting Archway:

  • Meet your Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement Programmes
  • Getting involved with your local community and a local good cause
  • Motivating colleagues, encouraging team building and boosting staff morale
  • Building upon new and existing networks and engaging with your clients and customers in various fundraising events and activities
  • The opportunity to engage new clients and customers
  • Great potential PR opportunities to enhance your reputation as a socially responsible company
  • We will be able to share your support through our website, social media and publications.

Company Charity of the Year

Does your workplace choose a local charity to support each year? If so, why not nominate Archway.

Matched Giving

Many companies operate matched giving to encourage employees to take part in fundraising. It’s a great way to raise even more money for Archway!

We are always on hand to support you with what you decide to do. We are happy to meet and discuss any ideas you have and to arrange a visit to our services, so you can see who your support will benefit and how. Contact us by emailing or calling 01224 643327

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