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A special birthday or occasion can be a great and easy way to support Archway by asking for donations instead of gifts.

You might also want to hold your own fundraising event.

Organise Your Own Event

When planning a fundraising event, it’s about having fun and raising money. An important part of the planning stages of organising an event is making sure that everything you are planning is safe and legal.

We have a helpful list of things that you need to consider for organising a successful fundraising event which covers things like health and safety and insurance. You can request a copy of this from our Admin Office.

If you would like t-shirts, cans, buckets and other marketing material for your event please email or call 01224 643327

We are registered with JustGiving so if you are fundraising for us in any way you can set up your own free online fundraising page via JustGiving to manage your donations.

Visit our JustGiving Page to set it up.

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